High Quality Professional Support Services for School Leaders and Governors

RMEdA is a not-for-profit enterprise created with the aim of providing high quality bespoke support services for schools and small charities. We know that leadership is becoming more and more demanding, and senior managers, governors and trustees need reliable, timely, knowledgeable and professional support at an affordable cost. RMEdA can provide that support.

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School leadership  has become increasingly demanding in recent years, much of the support once available from local authorities is no longer available, and the responsibility for system leadership is now firmly located within individual schools or school networks. This has had the effect of increasing the workload of senior managers, making them increasingly accountable, and placing additional demands upon governing bodies. We can lighten the load by taking away some of the administrative and organisational burden, allowing leaders to focus their energies upon the key task of making learning irresistible.

RMEdA offers high quality support services, providing a wide range of support in a flexible way, at affordable cost.  This includes bespoke packages of support. Our skills and experience ensure schools get real value for money, and expert support to achieve positive outcomes for their pupils.

RMEdA works with schools and small charities of all types. As well as providing support services directly, the organisation will also provide access to expert support from partner organisations / consultants in a far wider field of activity than could normally be provided by any single small enterprise alone.

Our Mission…..

To provide high quality, flexible, affordable, professional support services for school leaders.

Where do we operate?

As a not for profit enterprise. RMEdA will provide professional support services for schools, primarily in the areas of services for headteachers, for governing bodies, and for individual or organisational development. The geographical focus of the organisation is the West Midlands, particularly schools in the local authority areas of Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Walsall and Warwickshire