Food for Thought

‘For the first time, today’s parents and teachers have little, if any, experience with the tools that children are going to use every day in their adult lives.’

How is education responding?

(OECD Students, Computers  and Learning MAKING THE CONNECTION)

The Schools Scandal: Playing the System – Panorama Programme

Panorama looks at the primary school admissions ‘battleground’ …….

Demand for places at high-achieving state schools across the UK far outstrips supply, turning the schools admissions process into a battleground. For many parents it has become one of the most stressful moments

Now available on the iplayer if you missed the original programme

GCSE’s should be scrapped’

According to Sir Mike Tomlinson, ex-Chief Inspector of Schools, now Schools Commissioner for Birmingham, GCSE’s have outlived their usefulness.

The Telegraph readership is not always noted for holding progressive views, but when I read his article on-line, over 80% of those who’d registered an opinion were in also accord with him. 

Is the Telegraph essential reading for 16 year olds by any chance?

I hesitate to campaign for yet more change in our testing regime for young people but we have to question whether exams of this type at 16 still have any virtue when young people are in education or training until the age of 18.