Examples of packages we can offer:

Policy Review

Do you have all of the Statutory and Recommended policy statements up to date? Do relevant parties have copies or can they access them easily? When are they next due for review? Can you show that your staff have actually received and read them?

This package will seek answers to all of the questions above, and will produce a full written report and feedback. We can also produce a review schedule for the Governing Body if required, or provide copies of policy templates for you to edit should they be required to fill any gaps.

The basic package is 2 days’ work, plus any further work required and agreed pro rata.

Complaints, Appeals and Investigations Package

Sometimes an HR investigation or a complaint investigation is best carried out by someone independent of the school. We have extensive experience of conducting various such pieces of work, including appearing at employment tribunals when necessary. Staff under investigation or parents who have launched a complaint often feel better, and have more confidence in the outcome,  if the work is carried out by someone from outside.

Obviously every piece of work is different, but no investigation is too big or too small and we will try to give an accurate estimate of the time and costs involved at the very beginning.

Where required we can also offer a mediation service, for example where the relationship between a parent and the headteacher is under strain.

We also have vast experience in representing schools at Admission Appeals Hearings.


Programme and Events Management

Do you need to organise an event or a whole programme for your school or your schools’ network? We have a wealth of experience in managing successful events from in-service / teacher days to large scale education conferences and exhibitions, involving hundreds of delegates, exhibitors and contributors.  event organisation is a time consuming and sometimes stressful experience.

We can take the load off your shoulders and guarantee a successful outcome.


ICT Recommendations – Software tools to make your life easier

Do you need to streamline your day to day management and administration? Is it diverting you from being involved in the real business; teaching and learning For instance, do any of these issues give you headaches:-

  • Assessment Without Levels
  • Keeping abreast of the latest news, legislation and guidance
  • Efficient and effective training for your Governors
  • How to teach the new Computing curriculum etc. etc.

We have links with a number of software and hardware suppliers who can provide tools that will make your life easier. Demonstrations and free trials can be organised if you’re interested, after preliminary discussions / needs assessment.