Governance Check-Up

As part of the 2015 Ofsted Inspection Framework Inspectors are required to make a judgement about ‘the effectiveness of governors in discharging their core statutory functions’. This judgement will influence the final assessment of the school, and Inspectors will recommend an external review if governance is ‘weak’.

We offer a Check-Up Service which examines the Governance of the school, and makes recommendations about strengths and weaknesses, and  improvements that could be made to make the Governing Body more effective. The package is fully flexible and could include:-

  • Observation of a least one meeting of the full Board of Governors and each Committee
  • Examination of documentation including agendas, minutes and associated papers etc
  • Interviews with the Chair of Governors, and other key members of the Board, the Clerk to the Governors and the Headteacher
  • Interviews with any other key stakeholders
  • Completion of an individual self-review by members of the Board
  • Facilitated feedback and planning session with the full Board of Governors

Up to 6 days work including a full written review

On-site ‘bite-size’ Governor support and training

Governors are typically busy people who are already giving up a big slice of their time to serve as school governors. Attending Governor training sessions are an additional burden on their time. This package brings the training to you in ‘bite-size chunks’.

We offer short, high impact, sessions delivering key messages, important news and information and development. These are usually no more than 30 or 45 minutes long and are best fitted in before a scheduled meeting of the full Board or a relevant Committee, The number of sessions, their duration, and the subject matter is fully negotiable. They will normally concentrate on a very specific topic, for example:-

  • Understanding school performance data
  • What will Ofsted expect of the Governors?
  • How do we safeguard our children?
  • What do we look for when we visit the school?
  • What are our health and safety responsibilities
  • Understanding school finances

However, any topic you specify can be included, or one topic can be approached in more depth spread out over several sessions. Cost depends upon the number of sessions booked.

Website Compliance Check

The first contact that Ofsted Inspectors will have with your school will be through your website, and this is the lens that the Inspection Team will be viewing through when they arrive on your doorstep.

Do you know what information should be available on your website? Do you know if your website is complaint? Is it up to date? Who is responsible for its maintenance?

We offer a service to review your website, produce a report and recommendations, and we can even undertake to work on your content to ensure that it makes a good impression on everyone who checks in, even the Inspection Team !

Website Check, report, and feedback session 2 days work.